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  • The Creativity Crisis

    A few weeks ago, Newsweek published an article title The Creativity Crisis. Essentially, the article discusses how ‘creativity scores’? in American kids are declining. Creativity scores? Basically there is a test that can gauge creativity. Creativity is defined as ‘the production of something original and useful.’?

    First, who knew that sort of test existed? I know that school (middle school and high school) has changed a lot since I was there ‘?¦ but a creativity test? Poor kids… they are graded on everything.

  • $25,000 Reward for Great Marketing Idea

    by Allison Marsh, VP Consumer Insights

    You can do a lot of things with craigslist.org. You can post a job, find a job, search for a missed connection, find a date. You can buy a couch, sell a couch, sell a car. But find a social media strategy? A viral marketing campaign? I didn’t think so either, until I stumbled across the following posting:

    $25,000 Reward for Great Marketing Idea (Bedford, MA)

  • Dear Martha and Scott, Please Stop Calling Me!

    My phone has been ringing off the hook. Some pretty powerful and famous people want to talk to me ‘ I have gotten calls from President Obama, Bill Clinton, and Curt Schilling to name a few. I should be flattered, I should feel important but instead I am annoyed and angry. It is too much…

  • The Next Wave of User Generated Content?

    In July, Japanese band sour released a new video for its song ‘Hibi no Neiro’? (Tone of Everyday). As of today, the video has received over 1.6 million hits on YouTube and even for those of us that don’t understand Japanese it is something that you must see

  • Getting to Know Consumers

    As part of the Consumer Insights team, I field a lot of very specific and sometimes obscure questions. Ranging from ‘how many 18 year old college students that live on campus are interested in renting furniture?’? to ‘how many moms between the ages of 28 to 35 read newspapers?’? to ‘what are the hotspots for… Read more »

  • Tweeting DURING Labor?!

    I just learned that the wife of Twitter CEO, Evan Williams (@ev‘s wife @sara), has been tweeting during her labor. Her tweets followed her from when her water broke to when she was admitted to the hospital to when she asked for the epidural. As the CEO’s wife, I guess this sort of thing is… Read more »

  • Fun Facts

    Every month we survey The Pulse, our network of high school and college students.This month we had over 80 responses. Here is what we learned: Samples, Samples and more Samples Just about a quarter (24%) of the Millennials we surveyed have received a free sample in the last 6 months. Product samples ranged from tampons… Read more »

  • Influences on Purchase Decisions

    Understanding the impact of different marketing tactics is critical ‘ especially today. ROI is something that we talk about daily. However, determining exactly what that impact is, or defining ROI can be a bit of a grey area. For example, take a look at the following chart. We asked consumers how frequently different tactics impact… Read more »