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JT is Ready


1 Social Media Post. 1 Teaser Video. 1 Countdown Clock. Apparently that's all it takes to start a firestorm of conversation online. Of course, it doesn't hurt when that tweet, video and countdown are in reference to Justin Timberlake's return to music.

In a brilliant, and unbelievably simple, marketing campaign, JT sent the below, slightly cryptic message to his 15 million+ Twitter followers, 17+ million Facebook likers and his growing (he hopes) MySpace friends on Thursday afternoon:

The link sends fans to http://countdown.justintimberlake.com/ which launches a 60 second teaser video entitled “I'm Ready.” The video follows Timberlake as he walks through a building into a recording studio. The accompanying first-person voice over features Timberlake talking about how serious he takes his craft, and why he's been so inconsistent in producing music over the past few years.

At the close of the video, the screen changes to a mexican pharmacy online ticking countdown.

The wait ends on Sunday 1/13, but the buzz is just beginning. Well done, JT.