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Millennials Advice to Advertisers


Leading up to our Future M session on How the Class of 2016 Will Change the World of Marketing, we conducted a mini-focus group with our college interns to better understand their mindsets. In this post, we asked our interns to provide advice to advertisers.

What’s your advice to advertisers in order to reach and connect with your generation?

‘Stay on top of trends and when in doubt, just ask us. So many young people are so, so eager to share their opinions (we have a lot of them, apparently). Once you get us talking, you’ve got access to all the insights in the world. Don’t treat us like we’re stupid just because we’re young. We definitely know about all the hip fashion trends, the indie music, obscure pop culture references, Internet memes, etc before you will even catch wind of what is going on. Get us on your side, and we’ll be invaluable to your advertising campaign.’? – Angelina Zhou, Brand Strategy Intern

‘Be where your consumer is! People are becoming brands and brands are becoming people, so have a brand personality that is impossible to forget and augment it with social content.’? Proma Huq, PR & Social Media Intern

‘I think the best advice I can give to advertisers is to engage in a meaningful way through social media. A brand can gain a lot of respect from young people by taking the time to learn how we interact and be willing to interact with us in that way.’? – Shandi Mahan-Fortunato, Brand Strategy Intern

My advice to advertisers would be to stop screaming. I understand (as a student of the advertising industry) the desire for a brand to be as visible as possible. However, on the other side as a consumer if I see a brand all over Facebook, Twitter and on the T, I feel like I can’t escape them, and then I start to view the brand as annoying.’? – Karol Mendieta, Account Management Intern

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