It’s not just the great perks, like being half a block from the original Pizzeria Regina, having free lunch every Thursday, and epic all agency outings. It’s not those perks that drive the people of AMP, it’s a culture that sees the value in those things.

People who make it here at AMP have a few things in common. These little things called our core values aka the ‘AMPlifiers.’

«Our Core Values»

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Collaborative
  • Smart
  • Ego-Free
  • Results-Driven

From passion comes ownership. It’s that special thing that makes every employee think like the CEO and strive like an intern. It’s what drives everyone at AMP to work boldly, act nimbly and embrace the youthful energy and entrepreneurial spirit that built the agency.

AMP hires smart people. We work with smart clients. People who constantly encourage and challenge us. It makes for an energetic and encouraging bunch. It also makes for an amazing array of perspectives, which ultimately inform our collaborative process and the quality of the finished product.

Anyone can answer questions. It takes a different kind of thinker to solve problems that don't exist yet. To see opportunities before everyone else does. That's why AMP seeks out people with the kind of insatiable intellectual curiosity needed to drive innovative solutions for our clients, our agency and the advertising industry as a whole.

Power trips and bad energy do not a healthy agency make. So they’re not welcome at AMP. Instead we demand that every idea, question, client and teammate is treated with a mutual respect and consideration. Leave the ‘look what I did’ mentality to other agencies. AMP is an agency of ‘we’.

Like every agency, AMP talks a good game. But what sets us apart is our healthy obsession with backing it up. Being driven by results and holding ourselves accountable keeps us honest and sharp. It lets us celebrate success and learn from failure. It provides the guidance we need to grow our clients’ business, move our agency forward and keep proving ourselves to ourselves.