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  • The Year of Intelligent Personal Assistants

    As an Android person, I missed the Siri boat. I constantly forget Cortona exists, but it’s a thing. Then when Alexa came around, I held out because it wasn’t Google. Okay so maybe I’m a Google snob. But now I’ve had a chance to play with all four as well as develop apps for both… Read more »

  • Hungry For Data?

    The Boston Data Lab’s mission is to create interactive data visualizations where viewers can engage and interact with different data sources from and about Boston. Check out the experience.

  • Don’t Like The Technology? Wait a Few Months.

    I grew up during an interesting time for the internet. When I was 10, the internet was whatever content America Online put on my home page. I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I knew I wanted to use it but I didn’t know why. I was 10. The next 20 years would… Read more »

  • Building Cheerify.it

    Cheerify.it started with a simple idea: What would a website look like if you could decorate it with Christmas lights and sync it music. We’ve been wanting to play with using browser bookmarks to manipulate the contents of a website, so we extended the original idea to be able to “Cheerify” any website. Taking over… Read more »

  • Tech At Bonnaroo

    For the last 12 years, thousands of people have flocked to Manchester, TN to soak in the sun, music and good vibes for Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo is one of the largest music festivals in the US and wrapped up its four days of non-stop music and activities this past Sunday. I was fortunate enough to attend… Read more »

  • Interact With Rich Media Right In Your Facebook Timeline

    Facebook is constantly making changes, whether you like it or not. There's one change few have noticed that creates a huge opportunity to increase engagement with rich media on Facebook. First let's look at the way it used to be. You develop some rich media, let's say a game, that you want to drive traffic… Read more »

  • Guide To Using Other People's Content On Your Blog

    One of the great things about blogging is the freedom to express your opinion. And while the majority of opinions won't cause too much of a controversy, one of the few ways you can get yourself into trouble is by stealing other peoples work. It can be tempting to copy a great idea. Wasn't it Sir… Read more »

  • What is Responsive and Adaptive Web Design?

    No website is complete these days without at least considering mobile. Based on comScore’s latest annual report on the mobile landscape, ‘2012 Mobile Future in Focus‘?, smartphones and tablets were responsible for nearly 8% of all observed internet traffic in the United States at the end of 2011. Another study from comScore showed that more… Read more »

  • What is Responsive Design? Insights Lab Episode 16

    AMP’s Web Developer extraordinaire shares an overview of responsive design, why it’s important and examples of brands who are excelling in responsive design. Tweet us @AMP_Agency to let us know what topics you want to hear about!

  • Content Creation With Apture and Zemanta

    One of the more tedious aspects of blogging can be properly hyperlinking your content and finding relevant images to spruce it up. I know I’ve spent upwards of an hour in the past looking for Creative Commons images relevant to my topic. Here are two services that I’ve found to be very helpful in finding images and properly linking to the right sources.

  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Sharing Buttons

    I’ve spent some quality time with social sharing buttons mostly because of my experience developing a social sharing plugin for WordPress. Most of that time was spent researching best practices and analyzing implementations on some of the more popular blogs I could find. Without getting too much into which social sharing buttons you should be using on your site, I wanted to share some additional insights into how you can make those buttons display faster and how to measure their effectiveness.