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Social Media Challenge: Abandoning the #LikeMePlease Express


There’s a lot of chatter in the marketing space about the right social tactics and tools for brands, but from where I’m standing, it’s not that granular (at least at first). At its core, social is about telling a narrative, which means it’s not about an across the board solution for every brand. There’s this bandwagon that I’ve deemed ‘the hashtag, like me, please express.’? And, it appears as if brands are readily hopping on’ thinking that they are social because they have a Facebook page and post pictures on Instagram.

LikeMePlease Express I challenge brands to hop off the bandwagon. Turn off the computer; sit around a table; and identify the story you are trying to tell. Ultimately, brands want online chatter to drive offline chatter, so isn’t that where the idea should originate ‘ offline? I know, I know, mind blown.

All Social Media is Not Created Equal

Social media provides brands with an unprecedented opportunity to speak to their audience in real time in a genuine and authentic manner. The message that is being communicated essentially defines your brand, so make sure it’s a good one (no pressure). Tandem to defining the message is identifying the audience. We know that 67% of Internet users are on social networks according to Pew Research.  We also know that 67% are leveraging and engaging with each channel in many different ways. Case in point, there’s no across the board solution. Our latest Socia for Brands POV takes a deeper dive into some of the ways brands can leverage recent social network changes to amplify their online presence and better define their brand persona.

The Human Element: Social Media Enables Two-Way Communication

As your audience begins having more and more conversations about your brand on more channels around the clock, brands need to be prepared to engage in two-way communication. This is where you get to tell your story. If it’s a good one, people will listen and respond. Brands need to capitalize on the conversation social media facilitates. It makes your audience feel connected and valued, which in turn helps foster brand evangelism and brand loyalty.

Social is a Necessary Part of Your Brand’s Business Strategy

As social becomes less of an option and more of an inherent part of a brand’s business strategy, it’s important to approach it as one would approach any campaign ‘ identify your message and your audience. The goals are buy tadalafil online the same. Say something that matters and highlight your differentiation factor. So hop off the band wagon. Be unique, creative, and adaptable. While much of this may not be new news to marketers and brand strategists, it’s always worth a revisit to the core of it all. So, tell us, what’s your story?