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American National, a classic car insurance provider, set out to compete in a category dominated by huge conglomerates with significantly larger media budgets. Knowing that competition would outspend, AMP needed to outsmart, by designing a unique brand experience that appealed to the niche classic car consumer.

Through a partnership with AMP, American National was able to leverage user generated content, custom algorithms, and digital media to grow mind and market share for one of American National’s multi-line insurance products.


Over 6.4 million adults have a propensity for classic cars, and to reach these consumers American National knew they had to go beyond traditional insurance quote advertising tactics, and build a company that added value to the consumer’s life. To accomplish this, AMP studied the Classic Car audience habits, including which sites they spent time on, how they socialized in digital spaces and the type of content that would resonate most with them. AMP needed to ensure that they:

  1. Provided an own-able experience where the brand had relevancy
  2. Build a community and use digital media to drive consumers to participate
  3. Make American National’s product compelling while making the brand placement subtle


Through our research, we found that our audience turned primarily to YouTube as a source of car information and inspiration, but felt that finding the best car content was a time-consuming challenge for these busy enthusiasts. AMP also discovered that the audience was spending a lot of time on car forums, but not on traditional social networks.

Therefore, AMP thought – what if we aggregate the best car video content for our audience to find in one, sleek, seamless, and easy to use social destination?


Fueling a Trusted Relationship with a Niche Audience 

So, AMP got under the hood and got their hands dirty for American National. With a custom-built digital experience that used a first in class modification to a YouTube algorithm, an API and a few simple questions, we created a personalized experience. The platform allowed for curated playlists of the best car videos that aligned with each visitor’s unique interest.

TECHNOLOY: Whats Under the Hood 

We took a progressive development approach by tapping into the recent API developer tools release by YouTube. We utilized YouTube’s rigorous content filters to help us source quality and popular classic car videos. By aggregating content and using the equity of other enthusiasts to help tell our story, FuelTube is the ‘Spotify’ of classic car content. The experience features personalized playlists, community curated content and gets smarter and more relevant each time visitors interact. Taking a step further, we created a custom algorithm that allows consumers to plus up or down content in their playlist and flag content they don’t like as well as indicate the type of car, model, and the timeframe they are most passionate about to customize their viewing experience.

Custom algorithm: 

Customized playlists: 


American National’s Fuel Tube platform has become the go-to for the best car content on the web. We’ve developed original video programming, content, and have also weaved our financial services product into the mix. Since launch, we’ve activated paid media to drive engagement; tactics include: search, display, programmatic, video and paid social.


While the campaign is still in its early stages, FuelTube has already connected 18,000 content creators with 8,100 enthusiasts. Overall, we’ve seen over 30% of visitors coming back multiple times to engage with experience. We also developed a brand new social community by pulling content from other social communities and making the content custom to our unique audience.

Given the immerse interaction with the site, American National started procuring videos based on what we have learned about our users. And while not even a main goal of the campaign, the brand has seen hundreds of organic requests for an insurance quote in one month alone.


  • 164,792 viewing sessions
  • 221,269 videos completed
  • 4,200 users shared videos through social media
  • 14:17 average time on site
  • 14,059 total insurance clicks

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