Destination Maternity

 Destination Maternity® is home to the world’s leading maternity brands including A Pea in the Pod® and Motherhood Maternity®. With an unprecedented assortment of maternity fashion, accessories, nursing apparel and skin care plus the expertise of its associates, it is the ultimate resource for moms-to-be during pregnancy and beyond.

With competitors from mega stores like Target to boutique online retailers like Zulily vying for the #1 market share position, Destination Maternity came to us to help further promote its brands’ robust product offerings and unparalleled maternity knowledge.


Pregnancy is an exciting, scary, novel time of life. Expectant millennial moms turn to a variety of resources to learn what to expect when they’re expecting. From doctors, friends and family to books, blogs and articles, expectant moms are avid researchers about anything and everything related to their pregnancy. Their search for maternity wear is no different. Expectant moms want a trusted, informed resource to help guide her successfully through her pregnancy.

With 15+ patents in maternity clothing, a comprehensive selection of maternity fashions and thousands of knowledgeable associates, Destination Maternity Corporation brands are truly the credible resources moms are searching for. It was our job to make these millennial moms know that Destination Maternity, A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity are THAT resource to the expectant mom ‘ making it easy for her to find relevant information and products that she seeks.

Media rules for launch included:

1. Be where she is.

Be in the places she trusts for information about pregnancy. We leveraged premium partners’ brand equity for online and offline media integration. In addition to brand equity, partners were selected based on reach, audience composition, native ad placement offerings, targeting capabilities and media efficiencies.

2. Make sure she learns something new every time.

Provide informative content whenever she interacts with Destination Maternity Corporation brands. To represent the brand as the ultimate resource for expectant moms’ needs during pregnancy and beyond, we leveraged native ad formats across premium maternity and fashion partners’ platforms, including Lucky, InStyle, Fit Pregnancy and Babycenter.


Destination Maternity’s approach to create and distribute relevant custom content that positioned them as the ultimate resource for expectant mothers succeeded. The digital media awareness campaign delivered approximately 51+ MM impressions within 3 month.

We exceeded campaign benchmarks ‘ cutting the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) in half, doubling the Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) and driving Cost-Per-Visit (CPV) down by approximately 90%.


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