Icelandair Uber Case Study

From Terminal E to 93: Icelandair & Uber Partner

What was the situation or marketing challenge?

Since the 1960s, Icelandair has offered a unique benefit – the Icelandair Stopover. The offer allows passengers to stop in Iceland at no additional airfare on their way to over 20+ European destinations. A great value yet a deal that’s not so easy to explain concisely to busy consumers. The challenge was to communicate a clear message about the stopover travel benefit to potential travelers in order to raise awareness of the unique offer.

What was your communications strategy and approach to the challenge? Describe the innovations used in your campaign.

There is no lack of demand for travel to the stunning Nordic county. It’s become an ‘IT’? destination. However, the Icelandair Stopover deal did not enjoy the same level of awareness as the airline’s namesake. To concisely share the benefit-driven message while maintaining the refreshingly Icelandic, unique brand experience, we partnered with Uber to develop a surprise-and-delight activation.

What exactly did we do?

We ordered an Uber. 30 to be exact. With this first-of-its-kind partnership, we utilized Uber’s vast database of consumers to identify a pre-qualified ‘travel segment.’?

We sent out an initial email blast to this segment providing the option to take a free Icelandic Uber ride filled with branded surprises.


Icelandair Email Blast

The UberSUVs were fully furnished with ‘in-flight’ necessities, including Icelandic music, Icelandic Glacial Water and Blue Lagoon lotions. The SUVs also included Icelandair pillows, blankets, and travel information, providing a comfortable ‘in-flight’? experience for passengers en route to their final destination.

In one special vehicle, we surprised passengers with 2 free tickets to Europe with a Stopover in Iceland.

Icelandair app icelandair mobile


Icelandair twitter

Additionally, Uber and Icelandair promoted the experience across their owned channels.

icelandair promo

How effective was the campaign?

Our collaborative partnership with Uber was a first-of-its-kind integration, enabling us to reach a highly qualified audience in a unique, meaningful way.

More specifically, we reached 28% of Boston Uber riders and garnered 1.2 million impressions in less time than a flight from Boston to Reykjavik.

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