Interesting things come from Iceland. Interesting music: Bjork. Interesting terrain: gushing geysers, flowing lava fields, and spectacular glaciers. Interesting lore: 85% of the country believes in elves. And interesting cuisine: Whale Blubber, Rams Testicles, and Fermented Shark. It was our job to make sure that Americans knew that all of these amazing things were a direct flight away.


We discovered males and female travelers, ages 25+, like to envision the end destination when researching travel purchases along with receiving the key pieces of information (price, flight time, connections, etc). Additionally, we uncovered that the audience in the key markets (Seattle, New York City, Denver, Washington DC, Toronto and Boston) have differing levels of familiarity with Icelandair. With these findings in mind, our media team developed a multi-market campaign that:

  1. Tapped into consumer’s inherent desire for travel by visually delivering benefits of Iceland
  2. Tailored executions to suit each market’s needs based on available opportunities, budget considerations, and target’s behaviors, interests and travel plans
  3. Combined OOH advertising with digital elements to provide a multi-touch point approach


For the online advertisements, the strategy was smart reach with high impact and engagement.

Icelandair OLA

We deployed mobile ads to connect with consumers whenever and wherever they were searching. Mobile ads were geo-targeted with messaging related to user interest. Icelandair Mobile Ads

The OOH placements were high impact experiences ‘ wrapped subway cars and huge advertisements inside and outside of stations. IcelandAir PATH Wrap


photo 8   photo 13    Icelandair OOH


Consumers loved the campaign. Tweeting things like ‘the strategy of plastering a PATH train car with an ad campaign worked on this fool. I want to go to Iceland. #Icelandair’?

icelandair tweets

Through a baseline and post-campaign brand health study, we discovered a substantial increase in awareness, consideration and purchase intent.

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