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Jacksonville Jaguars fans are a dedicated group with an indomitable fighting spirit. Jags fans bleed teal and black, religiously attending games with their faces painted and wearing foam heads to show support.

Our job was twofold: engage the diehards and grow the fanbase.

Source: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Photo Source: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images


Being a fan is not a 4-hour commitment reserved for Sundays. It’s 5 months of emotionally-charged, all-encompassing rituals, routines, and rowdiness. It’s a lifestyle.


Fans look forward to gameday all week long. So, we decided to make every day gameday by replicating the gameday experience in the form of a video game.

The first-ever, team-inspired video game, Duval Dash, transforms Duval County and EverBank Field into an 8-bit world to be explored by Jaxson de Ville, the Jaguars’ mighty mascot. With Duval Dash, fans can interact with the Jags whenever and wherever – home or away.


In Duval Dash, fans relive their gamely routines in a branded environment.

Playing as the beloved Jaxson de Ville, fans must run through Duval County and reach EverBank Field. Along the way, they collect retro power-ups like coins and merchandise while avoiding obstacles such as seagulls, cars, and other fans.

 Duval County

When a player completes the first level, or is taken out by an obstacle, Jaxson asks the user for their names, email, and telephone number. A user cannot continue play until data entry is completed. This lead capture allows the Jags to engage with players post-gameplay.lead capture

In Level 2, Jaxson de Ville runs through the stands, stadium, and field, and fulfills a fan’s ultimate fantasy: when he gets to the end zone, he grabs the football and scores a touchdown. This level also presents a multitude of sponsorship opportunities.

duval county2


Launching in-stadium on the Jaguars’ 23-20 win vs. the Miami Dolphins, we say that Jaxson is about to take the 8-bit world by storm!

The team has big plans to continue the gaming momentum with Jaguars Arcade, which houses Duval Dash. The arcade will feature two new games per year, ensuring Jaguars fans will keep enjoying and sharing these fun experiences.

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