Imagine a product with endless creative possibilities; a product that offers playful minds around the world colorful, moldable fun. Play-Doh is that product. With Play-Doh, you have the power to turn your dreams into masterpieces. And, the brand encourages inventors to sculpt animated, cute and quirky creations that fire up the imagination.

It was our job to ensure Play-Doh’s Facebook page delivered on the brand’s inspiring mission.

The Challenge
For over 50 years, Play-Doh fans have been modeling bigger and better creations year-after-year. Through social channels, Play-Doh wanted to keep these fans inspired to continue sculpting. Elevating brand engagement among these loyal, creative and innovative fans was the ultimate measure of success.

The Strategy: Leverage Pop Culture Events to Inspire
Knowing Play-Doh’s fan base loves inventive, inspiring and timely creations, we connected with the audience by re-creating memorable, pop-culture moments out of Play-Doh.

pizza rat Royal Baby[2] In Like A Lion[2] Left Shark[3] The Dress (blackgold)[2] April Showers[3]


Our social monitoring team scoured the Internet to ensure we were up-to-date on all pop-culture events, but the element that truly made the team unique was the in-house sculpting team. This team was ready to tackle any creative challenge when the news broke.

The Results

By inserting Play-Doh into the conversation via clever posts with real-time relevance, we drove massive reach and engagement. For example, our post about ‘the dress debate’? garnered 5 million impressions and our take on the infamous ‘Left Shark’? received over 1 million impressions.

By marrying real-time breaking news with quirky Play-Doh creations, we delivered colorful, cute and quirky creations that ignited the imagination of 1.4 million Play-Doh Facebook fans.

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