Pretzel Crisps

Snackers have quite the array of delectable options to choose from — Stacy’s Pita Chips, Wheat Thins and Triscuit to name a few. But, these snacks do not offer what snackers desire most. According to our primary research, snackers are looking for a multi-purpose snack that fits their lifestyle and interest.

Enter the opportunity for Pretzel Crisps, the world’s first spreadable, pretzel-shaped cracker. Pretzel Crisp challenged AMP to help them build brand equity within the saturated snack industry. They asked us to develop a strategy to increase brand awareness and encourage trial to drive sales.

Based on our knowledge of the audience, we knew we had to convince her to rethink the way she snacks through education around unique product uses and where to purchase the one-of-a-kind product in store (in the deli aisle).

Messaging was deployed via a national brand awareness campaign. Employing an outsmart > outspend media strategy, we designed a media mix strategy that maximized spend efficiencies and achieved maximum impact and reach.

AMP_2014_Case Studies_Pretzel Crisps 2 AMP_2014_Case Studies_Pretzel Crisps 3

Additionally, we created innovative event, seasonal, and holiday-specific executions highlighting unique pairings to show Pretzel Crisps’ versatility and clear information on where to buy the product in-store.

Pretzel Crisps & AMP Agency Media Case Study   Pretzel Crisps & AMP Agency Media Case Study   Pretzel Crisps & AMP Agency Media Case Study


Even while being outspent in media 100 to 1 against the competition, Pretzel Crisps saw double digit sales growth, launched new products and flavors and ultimately we convinced snackers to re-think their pretzel.


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