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Primrose Schools is an accredited, early childhood education provider with several hundred franchises. While it had been highly successful in the Southeastern United States, in order to evolve and become a player on the national state, Primrose needed a partner to help take the business to the next level.


With a base of nearly 300 schools, Primrose had set the table for major expansion goals. However, as it geared up for the push into new areas of teh country, the brand was virtually unknown outside its region and awareness was too low to fuel the nationwide growth Primrose was seeking.


Prior to our involvement, Primrose had targeted one broadly- defined audience. However, our primary research revealed that Primrose actually has a multi-segmented audience, comprising of several sub-groups, each with its own discrete needs.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All- Parents choosing a pre-school or child care provider are often leaving their child of the first time since birth. This highly emotional decision may be driven by unique needs that can vary among individual segmentation groups. 

A Sea of Sameness- Other early education providers tend to describe themselves in nearly identical terms. The leads to a cacophony of undifferentiated messaging within the category that all blends together. 

A Best Kept Secret- Primrose’s unique Balanced Learning approach to education is a key differentiator, but it had never been successfully communicated to prospective parents. 

THE SOLUTION: (A Balance of Science and Seesaws) 

We created a brand-defining creative platform, Facts and Ways, that facilitates the personal journey for both prospective and enrolled parents.

Beyond inducing the brand with a more endearing, accessible voice, this platform laid the foundation for a comprehensive local-to-national marketing system that has made inroads to every region and continues to penetrate new markets with the recent addition of national broadcast.

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Web Experience: An Introductory Destination 

The website serves five unique audiences, including both prospective and enrolled parents, while encompassing more than 300 individual school sites.

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Video Content: A Window into Primrose 

Online video brings the campaigns to life, offering a closer look inside the Primrose experience and differentiating the brand’s Balanced Learning approach from its competitors.

Broadcast Media: Elevating Brand Awareness to New Levels 

To generate awareness of the Primrose brand with the broadest audience possible, national TV was brought into the media mix.

Digital Display Advertising & Paid Social: Building Awareness 

Display ads drive awareness of Primrose Schools amongst target audience segments, while paid social adverting drives brands familiarity and positions Primrose as a leader.

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Search Marketing: Customized for Individual Needs 

Hyper-targeted search is tailored to the prospective parent’s search query. Paid search directs parents researching preschools to a custom landing page that provides an experience unique to their location and the age of their child.
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Social Media: Engaging on Both a National and Local Level

National social channels provide current and prospective parents with valuable educational resources that position Primrose Schools as a leader in the space. Alternatively, local social channels provide current parents with updates form the classroom- improve their experience and encouraging advocacy.

PR 6

Customized Analytics Dashboards: 

We developed an analytics and reporting system that provided over 300 monthly dashboards, customized to the needs of each stakeholder or franchise.

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As Primrose Schools expands its reach west into California and across the nation, the brand’s awareness has experienced major growth as its continually evolving and adapting ecosystem delivers positive results. Results including:

  • Double-digit growth in year-over-year student enrollment
  • Major decrease in cost-per lead
  • Nearly 15% system revenue growth in 5 years
  • Significant increase in search conversion rate
  • Currently 320+ schools planned 480 new school openings by 2020
  • Ranked #1 in franchise ratification (source: Children’s Services Franchise Sector Report form Franchise Grade)

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