Driving Leads in a Competitive Market

Have you searched for a cruise lately? Within the sea of search engine results, users are forced to pick between aggregators and cruise lines that offer anything from mainstream to boutique offerings. So competition for the hearts and minds of prospective cruise passengers is as fierce as any other part of the travel industry.

The Challenge

To succeed, brands need to find a niche and ensure they are in prime traffic driving positions. Princess Cruises has relied on AMP to do just that since 2008.

The Strategy: Owning Destination Queries

Focused on owning a niche, we narrowed in on owning destination queries that not only drive significant traffic, but also speak to consumers who know where they want to travel to.

The Execution

AMP took a multifaceted  approach to gaining greater market share for destination-based cruise terms (i.e. Hawaii cruise).

  • A Holistic Approach: AMP centralized Princess’s web development, social and PR to create a necessary holistic approach in order to solidify SEO efforts.
  • An Optimized Content Hierarchy: AMP re-optimized on-site content to feature prime destination-based keywords and re-wrote destination URL sub-folder structure to maximize search engine authority
  • A Robust Content Strategy: AMP spearheaded a content strategy to increase valuable content and build links pointing back to authoritative pages, intertwined with the idea of a content ‘hub’ containing a URL architecture designed to deliver maximum search engine authority to each destination All destination specific URLs were rewritten to maximize authority, and re-optimized to prioritize relevant, highly searched terms. With all of those rewrites, a massive URL redirect strategy was put in place to retain historical ranking authority.princess cruises


As a result, organic traffic to every destination section was up YTD, including: Alaska, which was up 100% YOY, and Caribbean, which was up 71% YOY.

In addition, all prime destination related keywords ranked in the top 3 positions of Google.

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