Measurement & Analytics Services

Data is a popular buzzword right now, but data is just data, not a solution. It’s the interpretation and understanding of that data that’s empowering. And what’s more empowering is when you use data early and often, like we do.

We believe understanding “what happened?’ isn’t enough. Our analytic solutions combine traditional performance analytics with cutting edge marketing sciences to understand ‘why that happened’? and ‘what will happen.’?

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  • Custom Measurement Projects
  • Custom Report & Dashboard Development
  • Descriptive Modeling
  • Measurement & Analytics Audit
  • Measurement & Analytics Strategy Development
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Test Design


Rich Grogan

Vice President, Measurement & Analytics

Samantha Dwyer

Associate Director, Measurement & Analytics

Jarrod Charbonneau

Manager, Measurement & Analytics

Andrea Huang

Senior Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

Jennifer LaPlaca

Manager, Measurement & Analytics

Bryn Luttinger

Senior Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

Tiffany Mei

Senior Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

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