Shopper Marketing & Brand Services

Shopper Marketing and Brand Services

We’re an agency built to map the purchase journey. We help brands engage with the shopper at each stop in the journey ‘ informing, inspiring and influencing. We’re here to help make the purchasing decision easier for shoppers both online and offline.

By understanding shoppers’ buying behaviors, regardless of channel or location, we know when, where and how to effectively reach them in order to facilitate and ease the purchasing decision. With this approach, we help turn consumers into shoppers and shoppers into buyers.

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  • Digital Shopper Media
  • In-store activations
  • Mobile Shopping Solutions
  • Promotional Microsite Development

Say hello to some shoppers.

Josh Pike

Senior Vice President

Chris Brown

Vice President

Katelyn Nadeau

Director of Media Operations

Nick Weidman

Digital Media Supervisor

Kelsey Incrovato

Digital Media Specialist

Michael Mojahed

Digital Media Coordinator

Maggie Norton

Digital Media Coordinator

David Walsh

Digital Media Coordinator

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