• What Google Secure Search Means for Marketers

    On September 23, 2013, Google announced that they would be moving to a fully Secure Search model, which means that Google will no longer be passing keyword level data related to organic search queries on to third party sources. Read what this change means for brand marketers.

  • The Effects of Semantic Search, Insights Lab Episode 6

    Google recently announced its plans to give search a refresh via semantic search technology. What does this drastic announcement mean for search marketers? Find out in this week’s Insights Lab episode, featuring Matt Jacobs, AMP’s Director of Integrated Marketing and Joel Breen, Director of Digital Media.

  • I Know You ‘Like’? Me, But Can I Get a ‘+1’??

    Getting a ‘+1’? doesn’t only apply to guest lists anymore. Google recently launched its new social sharing button, which will compete against Bing’s recent partnership with Facebook and the ‘Like’? button. While Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, Bing still doesn’t compare to Google in terms of search engine user percentage.

    With unsuccessful past social media experiments of their own, Google is using their new +1 button as a means of influencing their own search algorithm.

  • One Small Step for Bing ‘? One Large Step for Search

    The social wars began in earnest among search’s heavy hitters last year when Bing launched the first real time search platform, which aggregated tweets and Facebook status updates into a singular searchable interface. Google struck back swiftly, announcing a similar tool that went even further by actually integrating these social elements into the normal search results for queries that were relevant to recent events. While a significant development in the search world, this change had little material impact on the life of the searcher. Social media is an impactful research tool because it offers a personal connection with the people behind the information. When you take away this personal connection, as Google and Bing did in the early iterations of social search, the value of the information declines precipitously. With the announcement of their recent agreement, Facebook and Bing have taken a large step toward solving this problem.

  • This Week’s Buzz within the Digital Space

    Google is dominating the headlines this week with rumors that Google is taking another stab at the social networking space with Google Me and their acquisition of the travel search company ITA Software. Should Facebook and Microsoft be concerned? Click thru to hear our thoughts.

  • Microhoo! What, Where, When, Why, How…

    Assuming the FCC doesn’t spoil the fun, it looks like the second time is a charm for a search agreement between Yahoo and Microsoft. At a high level, Yahoo will use Microsoft’s Bing search platform to power searches across Yahoo properties and Yahoo will be responsible for selling and servicing search for premium advertisers. Specific… Read more »