Food trucks

  • I’m Popping-Up’?¦ I Want the World to Know

    by Jess Margolis-Pineo, Public Relations Coordinator

    You’ve definitely heard of them. Your sister got her nails done in a mobile spa while watching episodes of ‘Nail Files,’? your coworker brought his girlfriend to a Valentine’s Day weekend only chocolate-themed restaurant, and even your niece picked up some sassy new shoes from a curbside shop. They’ve been around for almost ten years, but it seems that the pop-up phenomenon is starting to literally pop-up almost everywhere.

    Everybody’s talking pop-ups, and there are many reasons brands choose to do one. Click thru to learn about some of the major draws to hopping on this trend…

  • Frantic for Food Carts

    On a recent trip to Puerto Rico I found myself diving into a rotisserie chicken that I bought from a van on the side of the road. At one point I looked up, salty, tender meat in my bare hand, and thought, ‘Why, oh why, can’t Boston accommodate my impulsive need to buy and devour an entire chicken?’? Well, it seems that my wishes were sent to some sort of higher power because this week Boston unveiled the winners of what they called the ‘Food Truck Challenge’? and now three food trucks are stationed at City Hall Plaza until October 28th. Fun roadside food for all!