• Google Helpouts: Thoughts from AMP SEO & Social Experts

    How do you make YouTube better? Personalization and authenticity in real time. It’s no surprise that Google seems to have mastered the art with the launch of their latest offering, Google Helpouts, personalized Q&A sessions from certified industry experts. So, what makes Google Helpouts different than YouTube? With over 600,000 how to videos on YouTube,… Read more »

  • Contextual Design for Paid Search, Insights Lab Episode 18

    This week in the Insights Lab, Megan Walsh, Account Supervisor, Paid Search, gives an overview of contextual design for paid search campaigns as well as tips and tricks on how to improve search listings through contextual design. Tweet us @AMP_Agency to let us know what topics you want to hear about!

  • Graphic Designing with Google

    Quality Score can be a frustrating concept for a Paid Search Marketer. We are used to immediacy and hard results, but Quality Score is always a little less tangible. The other day we were brainstorming ideas for an account that has broad keyword targeting and therefore low CTR’s and poor Quality Score. We decided to… Read more »

  • Local Search Just Got More Social with Google+ Local

    With the change, Google is providing a more interactive and informative way to search for local restaurants, businesses, and venues- all while taking steps to make their own social network, Google+, more relevant and powerful.

    This could be a smart move for Google to drive up the user base of Google+, which still trails Facebook by roughly 800 million users. By integrating local capabilities into Google+ and feeding that information into popular Google Applications (i.e. Maps, Local Search Results, etc.), Google can expose and introduce users to Google+ as they search for local information. In addition, a new user-friendly layout has been implemented, along with the ability for users to see what local establishments their friends visited, liked, and reviewed.

  • Content Marketing: How to Develop an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

    As digital marketers the ball is always moving’innovation is the norm and only accelerating. The constant challenge for brands and marketers is to evaluate this evolving landscape and take advantage of new opportunities. Historically, being a search guy has meant constantly testing new placement, creative, device and campaign management technologies as both paid and organic… Read more »

  • SEO Buzzwords Explained through Real Life Scenarios

    SEO is most definitely not lacking in the buzzword department. Link juice, Panda update, social sharing, spider accessibility and canonical tags to list a few. What do these terms actually mean? In this post, Search Specialists Greg Faucher and Pavel Khaykin explain these terms through illustrative real life examples.

  • The Effects of Semantic Search, Insights Lab Episode 6

    Google recently announced its plans to give search a refresh via semantic search technology. What does this drastic announcement mean for search marketers? Find out in this week’s Insights Lab episode, featuring Matt Jacobs, AMP’s Director of Integrated Marketing and Joel Breen, Director of Digital Media.

  • Why Search Marketers Should Leverage Google’s Ad Enhancements

    The AMP search team takes a proactive approach to evaluating Google’s creative enhancements by testing them among our client campaigns. As a search marketer, understanding this changing ad landscape is crucial in maintaining relevancy and gaining cost efficiencies. In recent years, Google rolled out extension options to expand Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad formats for a better user experience. By pioneering these features, Google has improved relevance for the user as well as performance for advertisers.

  • Search Engine Giant Baidu to Invest Millions to Launch the SEO industry in China

    China is getting ready to take on SEO in a major way and is ready to invest major dollars towards a fast growing industry according to the latest report released by Nasdaq. Baidu, the biggest search engine in China which holds a massive 84% market share is reportedly investing as much as $470 million dollars now through the end of 2015 into search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Simpler Ways of Connecting Online May Leave You Vulnerable to Hackers

    It’s hard to imagine the digital world pre-Facebook and Google, but as I remember it that time was filled with usernames and passwords. When I was in high school I remember having a piece of notebook paper that listed all of my secret codes; it told me what I needed to log into my Netscape email and my Disney account, among a list of other websites. Times have changed though. Now when visiting new websites, more often than not, you can simply sign in with your Google or Facebook username and password.