Insights Lab Video

  • The Real Geo-Targeting, Insights Lab Episode 23

    In the second episode of our mobile series, we turn to the expert, Walt Doyle, CEO, WHERE and GM, PayPal Media Network, to explain geo-targeting and geo-fencing and how brands can utilize this technology. Throughout the episode, Doyle provides marketers recommendations to leverage this technology to successfully reach the consumer.

  • Re-thinking Mobile Commerce, Insights Lab Episode 22

    Walt Doyle, GM, PayPal Media Network, joins the Insights Lab for a two-part video series on the different facets of mobile. In this episode, Doyle defines and discusses mobile commerce. In the marketing world, there is lots of buzz around mobile commerce or m-commerce and the future of m-commerce. But, let’s take a step back… Read more »

  • The Evolving Definition of Social Commerce, Insights Lab Episode 20

    In this week’s Insights Lab, Michelle Goodwin, Account Supervisor on the PR & Social Media team, discusses the changing definition of social commerce. She shares the key drivers behind the evolving social commerce landscape, trends and what to keep a look out for in the future. Tweet us @AMP_Agency to let us know what topics… Read more »

  • Contextual Design for Paid Search, Insights Lab Episode 18

    This week in the Insights Lab, Megan Walsh, Account Supervisor, Paid Search, gives an overview of contextual design for paid search campaigns as well as tips and tricks on how to improve search listings through contextual design. Tweet us @AMP_Agency to let us know what topics you want to hear about!

  • New Media in the 2012 Presidential Election, Insights Lab Episode 17

    Matt Rainone, Senior Manager in the Integrated Marketing Group at AMP Agency, shares an overview of the new media and technologies the candidates are using in the 2012 presidential election. Rainone discusses three strategies Romney and Obama are leveraging: Big Data Shareable Content Mobile Which tactic do you think will be most influential and effective… Read more »

  • What is Responsive Design? Insights Lab Episode 16

    AMP’s Web Developer extraordinaire shares an overview of responsive design, why it’s important and examples of brands who are excelling in responsive design. Tweet us @AMP_Agency to let us know what topics you want to hear about!

  • Video Strategy, Insights Lab Episode 14

    “Video” is tossed around like it’s such a simple content format but in the digital media world, it has a whole host of implications for brands. Video impacts content, production, advertising, and viewing devices. With the proliferation of multiple screens, there are various channels available to view video in a digital form’TV, tablets, desktop/laptop and… Read more »