Psychology of Facebook

  • Express Yourself: Facebook and Teen Identity Formation

    Confession: 90’s pop music is my jam. I may or may not still tune into the blissful harmonies of *NSYNC and reminisce about Brittney Spears’ glory days. While I am coming clean, I recently starting running again after a 4 year hiatus. Thanks to the information provided by the Nike + GPS app, I learned you apparently do not pick up where you left off.

    Although appearing to be a cathartic relief, I just shared those oh-so-flattering tidbits to showcase how as a 23-year-old, I am sometimes still embarrassed by my music choices and dwindling athletic prowess amongst other things. I can only imagine how my angst-ridden teenage self would feel about sharing these ‘offline’? activities with the online world.

    A few weeks ago, Facebook made that concern a reality with the unveiling of 60 frictionless sharing apps ranging from Pinterest to LivingSocial to Foodily.

    What does this blur between the offline and online world means for teens?