Social sharing

  • SEO Buzzwords Explained through Real Life Scenarios

    SEO is most definitely not lacking in the buzzword department. Link juice, Panda update, social sharing, spider accessibility and canonical tags to list a few. What do these terms actually mean? In this post, Search Specialists Greg Faucher and Pavel Khaykin explain these terms through illustrative real life examples.

  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Sharing Buttons

    I’ve spent some quality time with social sharing buttons mostly because of my experience developing a social sharing plugin for WordPress. Most of that time was spent researching best practices and analyzing implementations on some of the more popular blogs I could find. Without getting too much into which social sharing buttons you should be using on your site, I wanted to share some additional insights into how you can make those buttons display faster and how to measure their effectiveness.

  • New York Times Paywall

    by Michelle Goodwin, Account Executive, Integrated Public Relations

    Recently, The New York Times made waves as it became the first newspaper to enforce a paywall, limiting access to content on the paper’s website. While it seems the famous newspaper has, at least temporarily, stopped the hemorrhaging of free content via its digital format, the enforcement of the paywall left some scratching their head, or looking for the best hack. Users who access content via links produced through social sharing or integration (Facebook/Twitter shares or ‘like’? button clicks) are given free, unlimited access to content as long as the origin of the click through to is from Facebook or Twitter.

    So why is the New York Times so eager to give social media all the love? Click through for some ideas…