viral videos

  • Rockstars Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About ‘Going Viral’?

    As the music industry has been turned on its head over the past decade and a half, the music video has become even more of a critical element to an artist’s promotional repertoire. While music videos have moved largely from TV rotation to online, the dynamic for how we watch music videos has changed as well. We no longer have to endure brutal cable countdown shows (remember TRL? guuhh) for the hottest videos; instead, we can watch virtually anything on-demand.

    Therefore, the need to create unique, buzz-worthy music videos is as important as ever. Many brands today share a similar goal with their own unique content (and often, what sounds appealing to a brand manager does not nearly sound as appealing to a consumer). What can we learn from music videos that will allow marketers to create better content?

  • Ooommm. I Will Become Viral. Ooommm

    Matt’s recent blog post ‘I Have a Meme’? made me do some thinking. How really DO things become viral and how the heck can our clients get in on the secret? So with Matt’s four steps in mind, I started looking back at some of my favorite viral videos, and asking around for new ones that I hadn’t been infected with yet to do some more research.